Accelerate Expense Approvals

Orchestrate single and multi-level approval workflows tailored to specific 

business needs with zero reliance on IT staff

Enhance employee satisfaction

Automatically routes expense requests and receipts, accelerating
reimbursement cycles

Assures accuracy

Streamlines tasks like creating, verifying, and approving expense claims, minimising errors and boosting productivity

Prevents cash leakages

Checks for duplicate and out-of-policy expenses reduces the likelihood of errors and prevents spend leakages

Improves visibility

Tracks receipts across every stage of the approval cycle to spot and root out workflow inefficiencies

Zero touch approval flows

Flexibility to set-up and modify multi-level approval matrix to authorise, partially approve or reject reimbursement claims brings agility and accountability into the expense process. With a streamlined process, employees do not have to worry about delays in receiving reimbursements for fronting business spend.

Accelerate expense processing

Simplify your approval flows from setup to approvals. With a streamlined process, you can manage payments more easily and never worry about delays.

Accelerate expense processing

Automate the end-to-end approval cycle – define submit, authorize, reimburse, and audit – dramatically reducing time while ensuring process transparency


Customers can define single or multi-tier approval processes for accelerated expense processing, based on the amount, expense
type or employee role.

Sync with HRMS tools to update employee information and approval hierarchies without any manual effort.   


Eliminate time-consuming manual data entry with advanced optical character recognition technology.

SmartScan allows users to snap a photo of expense receipts and auto populate relavant fields including merchant, amount expense type and location.


View expense details using XPNS App or the web
interface. Approvers have the option to reject invoices with comments in event of expenses. exceeding budgets or inaccurate and
missing information

Automatically flags outlier charges or expenses that violate policies to relevant stakeholders to quickly address anomalies and stop excess spend. 


Easily pay employees with any payment method. No more downloading or uploading files in bank portals – the payment process is seamlessly integrated with your bank. 

Get visibility into business expenses with a complete audit trail for requests, approvals, reviews, payments and data export to third party systems. 

Take control of your expenses with automated approval workflows

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Integrated prepaid cards

Greater visibility and control over employee expense as it happens

Policy controller

Proactively define expense guidelines so employees stay compliant and on budget

Rich analytics

360-degree view of expense optimises cash flow, reduces fraud and improves operating efficiency​

Ready to digitalise expense workflows

XPNS is transforming how businesses are managing employee expenses. If you’re ready to find out how, complete and submit the form

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