Integrated Prepaid Cards

Greater visibility and control over employee expense as it happens

What sets the XPNS Rupay card apart?

Enhanced convenience

Eliminate out-of-pocket expenses scan and upload multiple receipts at once

Complete visibility

Track employee expenses in real time. No more wasting hours on tracking receipts

Greater savings

Employees spend within defined card limits, and never go beyond budget

Total safety

Option to extend virtual cards to employees for secure online purchases and payments

Let’s get you started in 4 simple steps


Place an order from the XPNS administrator portal


Assign cards to employees, define limits, and load funds


Employees submit KYC proof using the XPNS app to activate cards


Employees can view card transactions on the XPNS app

An XPNS card for every employee

Tap and pay transactions to support employees on the move lifestyle

Quick and easy contactless
Transactions are PIN
Transact anywhere-supports online and offline transactions
Supports ATM cash withdrawals

Advance fraud protection

Built in fraud controls proactively detect duplicate, exaggerated or out-of-policy claims and plug cash leakages

Features that you will love

Empower your teams

However big or small your team, XPNS cards have got you covered. Allow employees to spend securely with cards that you control

Set spending limits

Set individual spend limits for each employee including location, channel and merchant category code

Bank grade encryption

Bank-grade encryption for PII, PCI, PIN data-in-transit, and data-at-rest, ensuring sensitive
cardholder information is protected.

Manage balances

Flexibility to load prepaid cards from the XPNS application using a corporate account or any other preferred payment mode — UPI, IMPS, Net Banking


Categorise expenses

Itemise all transactions for easy classification, tracking, and reconciliation of expenses

Track expenses

Rich aggregate and granular insights into card transactions provide better understanding of business spend

Reminders and notifications

Get auto reminders on spend, approved receipts, and spend limits.

Simplified reconciliation

Sync spends with accounting software for automated and accurate reconciliation

Apply online and start spending in less than 24 hours

No credit checks, No hidden fees, and No fixed contracts. Cancel anytime.

Manage cards from desktop or mobile

Cardholders can link cards to the XPNS app to enable instant and secure access to funds, however, they choose to pay – online, in-app, or in-store

Activate from mobile
Manage card accounts
View transaction history
View card account balance
Raise advance requests
Transaction notifications

Simplify employee card management

Businesses can onboard users, manage card inventory, define spend limits, and view transactions from an easy-to-use web interface

Raise card requests
Track inventory positions
View transaction reports
Load money
Process support queries
Raise service requests

Know more about XPNS

Policy controller

Proactively define expense guidelines so employees stay compliant and on budget

Touchless approval flow

Orchestrate approval workflows tailored to specific business needs with zero reliance on IT staff

Rich analytics

360-degree view of expense optimises cash flow, reduces fraud and improves operating efficiency

Ready to digitalise expense workflows

XPNS is transforming how businesses are managing employee expenses. If you’re ready to find out how, complete and submit the form.

Get XPNS for your business

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