Gain Visibility And Analyse Expenses

360-degree view of expense optimises cash flow, reduces fraud 

and improves operating efficiency


Improves decisioning

Finance departments can implement strategic decisions to ensure optimal compliance with budgets and manage cashflow

Information at your fingertips

On-demand access to visual dashboards, complete flexibility to view expenses by cost centres, employees, expense category, or policy violation type and frequency

Optimises efficiency

Measure the effectiveness of internal processes and policies to improve operational agility

Drives accountability

Flexibility to share expense information downstream drives accountability and transparency across the organisation

Expense reports

Stay on top of organization spending with an aggregate and drill-down view into expense. Businesses can view data along a range of attributes – periodicity, cost center, location, expense type, and employees to track actual versus. budgeted expenses and drive policy compliance.

Relevant insights
Monthly expense trends & insights
Average spending by team and employees
Compare expenses by type and category
Distribution of expenses across different categories
Map expense to budget to identify non-budgeted fund
Track employees spending out-of-policy
Track employees that have requested advances

Card insights

Analyse card usage trends by employees to optimise spend and associate policies strengthen card operations and control outflows.

Track card usage patterns
Spend frequency patterns
Share of online and offline expenses
Average balance maintained on each card

Operational insights

Identify process bottlenecks to improve turnaround time and productivity.

Percentage of claims that are reimbursed on time
Share of unpaid claims to total claims
Average amount of time an expense takes to move between stages
Approvers/Departments with higher-than-average turn around time

Fraud insights

Spot patterns and anomalies within expense data to plug  spend leakages

Relevant insights
Detailed data on out-of-policy spend
Insights on expenses incurred during the weekend or holidays
Incorrectly characterised and unapproved expense
Multiple bills from the same merchant location and number
Flag expenses in excess of average transaction volume
Track expenses during the weekend or holidays
Double billing expenses and reimbursements
Reimbursements for cancelled or refunded expenses

Advance rule-based policy workflows

Highly configurable, rule-based solution that allows finance to efficiently define expense
categories and associate policies based on a set of rules:

Receipt rules
Payment mode rules
Spend limit for each expense category
Advance rules for policy types
Assign employees to the created policy
Instant notifications on transactions

Know more about XPNS

Integrated prepaid cards

Greater visibility and control over employee expense as it happens

Policy controller

Proactively define expense guidelines so employees stay compliant and on budget

Touchless approval flow

Orchestrate approval workflows tailored to specific business needs with zero reliance on IT staff

Ready to digitalise expense workflows

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