Configurable Expense Policy Engine

Proactively define expense guidelines so employees stay compliant and on budget

Low code workflows

Empowers finance teams to flexibly define expense policies with zero reliance on IT staff.

Strengthened compliance

Preset spend limits for different employee grades to improve compliance with policy guidelines and to prevent overspend

Improve employee relationships

Strike a healthy balance between employees' needs for autonomy without losing control and flexibility. Well-defined guidelines foster transparency and avoid potential disputes

Ready-to-use policy templates

Businesses can select from a list of canned policy templates, with the flexibility to tailor policies to their specific context.

Configure advance policies

Configure policies for advance requests raised by employees. Specify frequency, volume, and amount for advance requests based on expense type and employee role.

Out-of-policy spend alerts

Verify expense receipts against policy and immediately alert employees and approvers on breach of spend limits.

Exception reports

Monitor expenses outside entitlement policy and flag exceptions for remedial action.

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Advance rule-based policy workflows

Highly configurable, rule-based policy engine that allows finance to define expense guidelines

Receipt rules
Payment mode rules
Maximum spend limit for each expense category
Assign employee grade to the created policy

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Integrated prepaid cards

Greater visibility and control over employee expense as it happens

Touchless approval flow

Orchestrate approval workflows tailored to specific business needs with zero reliance on IT staff

Rich analytics

360-degree view of expense optimises cash flow, reduces fraud and improves operating efficiency

Ready to digitalise expense workflows

XPNS is transforming how businesses are managing employee expenses. If you’re ready to find out how, complete and submit the form.

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